For any forces family, the transition to civvy street, for whatever reason, can create both emotional and financial pressures. How will we survive? Will my partner get a well-paid job? Where will we live? An important step to relieving this pressure is to think ahead and be as financially prepared as possible.

These pressures, especially the worry of financial insecurity, can also contribute to relationship problems and irretrievable marriage breakdowns. This isn’t just an issue for families though; single or separated ex-service personnel can face the threat of homelessness, in fact it is reported that they account for 1 in 10 rough sleepers across the UK.

So how can you be prepared for what civvy street has in store for you? The first step is to plan well in advance; try not leave it until the last minute, it is an added pressure that you can do without. The earlier you start to think about these things the better, but as soon as you do know you are leaving the comfort blanket of the Armed Forces you really should think about putting a financial plan in place.

The second step, which will help to you complete the first, is straight forward, reliable and whole of market financial advice from someone like Evolution Forces Families, who are also a member of

We aim to help forces families by offering simple and clear financial advice by sharing extensive knowledge built up by a career spanning back 15 years in the industry, whilst sharing are own experiences of military life as Forces Families ourselves.

In 2014, 794 forces families contacted the AFF about money and allowances; a huge increase of 53% on the previous year.  This increase demonstrates a need for reliable financial advice to be available for forces families, especially those who are leaving forces life.

The founder and director of Evolution Forces Families and a military wife herself, Nadine Monks, knows the pressures and worries that accompany this lifestyle too well. “My husband and I bought our own house using the Forces Help to Buy Scheme, as we wanted stability and security for our 3 children and to be ready for when he gets out. I know first-hand how valuable this scheme is to give you the step up you need, and it is especially useful for forces families ready to move into civvy life together.

There are other organisations and charities offering financial and housing advice too: The Benefits and Money Advice Service (a collaboration between The Royal British Legion, Citizens Advice and The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund), SSAFA and the AFF.

Whoever you choose to get advice from, please just remember to plan ahead. We believe so passionately in the importance of this, that we offer a complimentary 30 minute review session over the phone/skype to help you identify your needs and then put together an action plan for you to keep and work your way through. There is so much to think about, often it’s hard to know where to start! Just click here, to arrange for an advisor to get in touch ..And don’t worry if for now it’s a pipedream years away…it is never too early to take the first step

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