Since her blog almost a year ago on her decision to finally accompany her Navy husband, a lot has happened for Anna….

The past year at Evolution Forces Families has been really challenging for me. I have had to adapt to going self-employed, when I’ve only ever been employed before. It’s hard trying to juggle everything with work and family life, but I’ve really enjoyed being able to help a number of forces families already with their protection and Wills, the work we do is so important.

annas blog 1 year on

Me and our boys

During the past year, I have completed my Will and Protection training, and I also sat and passed the CeMAP mortgage exam in April 2016. I am now really looking forward to being able to help individuals and families with their mortgage needs going forward with Evolution Forces Families. Our unique approach and understanding of the military lifestyle really adds value to our clients experience of the process.

I have been very lucky this past year in that my husband is not currently deployed, but when he is, things become much harder; trying to juggle being mum and dad to the boys, having to find time for my clients, doing the paperwork that comes with the job and keeping up with general housewife duties. It can take its toll and some days it’s very stressful, but it’s all part of being a military wife and I suppose you do get used to it and cope in your own way. I am sure many of you reading this can relate!

Outside of work, I’m a member of the local Forces Families Club at HMS Collingwood, but I don’t get as much time as I’d like to attend the gym. I do regularly go to our Patch coffee morning each Monday and that is a great way to relax and have a chat with my friends and catch up with everything that’s going on. It’s a little bit of ‘me time’ which is very valuable to me. I’m currently in the process of setting up the FEN Hub Portsmouth Group; a networking group for the Armed Forces community who have their own business and are looking for support to develop and grow these.

This time next year I would like to be established in my community and be the ‘go-to’ person if anyone needs any help with their mortgage or protection or Will writing needs. I am really excited at the prospect of the FEN Hubs and seeing how they have grown around the country and hope that our local group is thriving and that people find it a really useful group both personally and practically for themselves and their businesses.

I love working at EFF and being able to help fellow forces families as I truly understand what this life is like. I love the flexibility that this job brings me; being able to spend quality time with my boys while they are little is very precious to me. I also like the idea of being able to grow and develop myself within my job, there are numerous avenues that you can go down within the world of financial advice which makes it an exciting prospect for the future.

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