We are now into June; days are longer, evenings are lighter, and the dust is starting to show on top of the television! If, like me, you have previously not had the energy to thoroughly clean your quarter (or in fact keep on top of your cleaning schedule), then Spring is a great time as well as popular. Here are our top ten tips on giving your quarter a good, old fashioned Spring Clean.

spring clean

Military Wife on a Mission!

  1. Toy organisation: Now is a good time to firstly sort through the many toys your children have (preferably when they are in bed or at school!) Make 4 piles: keep, sell, give away and bin. Then re-organise the toys you are keeping so they are tidy and easily accessible.
  2. Vacuuming: Whether you have a Dyson, a Shark (the latest craze it seems), a Henry, or your old reliable hoover, make your way around the house, one room at a time, and focus on vacuuming behind every piece of furniture and into every corner and crevice. This is also a good time to get into the habit of changing the hoover bag or washing the filter out if it’s something that you usually forget to do.
  3. Dusting: Grab your best feather duster (or cloth) and give every surface a good clean, including furniture and the TV.
  4. Kitchen appliances: Make time to ‘service’ your kitchen appliances;Washing machine: Run a 90-degree cycle using a capful of bleach (or washing machine cleaner), wash out the detergent tray and clean out the filter.
    • Dishwasher: ‘De-stink’ your dishwasher by removing any bits if food from around the filter and wash the filter thoroughly in the sink. Use a dishwasher cleansing tablet to freshen it up.
    • Tumble Dryer: Empty the lint filter (this should be done after EVERY load). Pull out and rinse your machine’s main filter and use the hoover to suck out fluff from inside the machine.
    • Fridge/Freezer: Clean your fridge and freezer shelves thoroughly and throw away any out of date food or food that’s been frozen for too long.
    • Kettle/Iron: Descale these because, let’s face it, they always get neglected!
  5. Scrub the bathroom: Get out your bleach, mop and tile cleaner and give your bathroom(s) a thorough scrubbing. Be sure to open the window if you are using any cleaning agent, including bleach.
  6. Refresh the linen closet: Give all of your towels and bedding a good wash, line dry and iron. Changeover everyone’s bedding and the bathroom towels, and put your freshly washed linen back neatly folded in the cupboard (it looks so much better now, doesn’t’ it?)
  7. Shoes!! Now we all have someone in the family with lots of shoes always over spilling the shoe rack (if they even make it that far!) Go through every pair and get rid of ones that are worn or outgrown, and organise the remaining ones neatly on the rack, or in your shoe cupboard.
  8. Organising coats: If your house is anything like ours, coats seem to multiply on a daily basis! Why not pack away the winter warmers in the wardrobe and only keep out the lightweight jackets and waterproofs (we are approaching British summertime after all!)
  9. File away paperwork: Bills and post left on the kitchen worktop…sound familiar? Now is a great time to sort through your paperwork: file away things you need to keep and shred the things you don’t. You’ll feel a sense of achievement knowing that your household admin is squared away.
  10. Make some Money! After sorting out all of your old things, why not use online selling pages or a good old British car boot sale to make some money. One man’s junk is another’s treasure after all!

Last but not least: after all of that cleaning, sit down, have a well-deserved brew from your de-scaled kettle and watch your sparkling clean TV!

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